How it all began.....

Graham Woodward, inventor and creator is the genius behind the strip based learning system which is at the heart of all our games.

Graham has been a practising home tutor for over 20 years and has a lifetime of experience in education. He has worked with and tutored children and adults of all ages, from SEN students to adults working in the legal profession and suchlike.

He developed a system he had used with his students in their homes, into the flagship KNOW YOUR TIMES TABLES learning system which has sold over 4,000 units worldwide in the last 2 years.

The games are invented, developed, designed and indeed manufactured from our Lancashire head office and with only Graham, Kathleen and Darren in the company you are assured of personal service and sound advice.

Know Your... are here whatever the problem is, or to work with you on a solution you are seeking.

We are continually working on developing our existing games and also broadening our range to yet more titles - primarily educational learning but with a good measure of fun and general knowledge thrown in for some balance.

Our games are quite unlike anything else out there on the marketplace. Search for us on YouTube, Amazon, Google and Facebook - you will like what you see I am sure.

Join us on our journey to improve how education is delivered in homes and schools across the country....this is just the start